If you’re expecting a baby, it’s a good time to find a pediatrician you can trust to care for your new addition. The team at Bright Futures Pediatrics in Las Vegas, Nevada, offers prenatal consultations to plan for your baby’s care after delivery. Schedule a prenatal consultation at the Southwest or Centennial Hills office by phone or book online today.

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What is a prenatal consultation?

Your prenatal consultation at Bright Futures Pediatrics is a get-to-know-each-other appointment where you talk with a pediatrician about bringing your new baby to the office for routine check-ups and other medical care.

The pediatricians are highly qualified and experienced in caring for newborns, babies, toddlers, and children up through the teenage years. They’re good listeners, explain things carefully, and treat parents and children with respect.

The providers’ compassionate demeanor puts children of all ages at ease during pediatric appointments. And when you bring your child in for sick visits, they personalize their treatments based on your child’s unique needs.

After choosing a Bright Futures Pediatrics pediatrician you’re comfortable with, you can make arrangements for them to examine your baby in the hospital soon after delivery to ensure your newborn is in good health.

What might be discussed at a prenatal consultation?

During a prenatal consultation, your provider may discuss your family medical history and answer your questions about caring for your newborn baby.

Some of the numerous topics your provider might discuss with you during a prenatal consultation at Bright Futures Pediatrics include:

  • Breastfeeding and formula feeding
  • Newborn growth and development
  • The importance of social support at home
  • Setting up a nursery
  • Car seat use and safety
  • Other infant safety practices
  • Immunization and checkup schedules
  • Additional ways to help your newborn thrive

During your prenatal consultation with a Bright Futures Pediatrics specialist, you can establish a rapport with your provider so you feel confident about your child’s care as an infant and throughout their childhood and the teenage years.

What should I expect with newborn care?

After your baby is born, your Bright Futures Pediatrics pediatrician will examine your newborn while you’re still in the hospital. They check your baby’s weight, length, head circumference, and vital signs.

Your pediatric specialist completes a thorough physical examination, checking your baby’s overall appearance, alertness, skin, eyes, ears, mouth, throat, breathing, and reflexes. They evaluate your baby’s abdomen and genitals, offer circumcision for newborn boys, complete newborn screening tests, administer a vitamin K injection, and offer a hepatitis B vaccine.

To get a head start on forming a relationship with your baby’s pediatrician before they’re born, schedule a prenatal consultation with Bright Futures Pediatrics. Call the nearest office or book your appointment online today.