If your child requires a sports physical to play on a school-sponsored sports team, or you’d like to ensure they’re healthy enough to safely play, expert pediatricians at Bright Futures Pediatrics in Las Vegas, Nevada, can help. They offer comprehensive sports physicals to thoroughly evaluate your child’s physical health. Schedule a sports physical for your child at the Southwest or Centennial Hills office by phone or book online today.

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What is a sports physical?

Sports physicals are comprehensive physical examinations your Bright Futures Pediatrics provider completes to ensure your child is healthy and can safely participate in sports. Your child might require a sports physical as a condition of participating in a school-based or community-sponsored sport.

What happens during my child’s sports physical?

When your child arrives at Bright Futures Pediatrics for a sports physical, a friendly staff member greets them. During the appointment, their nurse weighs them and checks their pulse, respiration, blood pressure, and temperature.

The provider asks questions about your child’s personal medical history, family history, and medications they may take. Then your child’s pediatrician completes a comprehensive physical examination.

They check your child’s throat, ears, eyes, heart, breathing, abdomen, and reflexes to look for signs of illness or injuries. They may also evaluate your child’s hearing and vision, or offer immunizations as needed.

Will my child require diagnostic testing or treatment?

If your pediatrician suspects your child has a health problem that needs further investigation to know whether they’re physically able to participate in sports, they might recommend testing such as:

  • Urine tests
  • Blood work
  • Asthma testing
  • Heart function tests

If your child has a medical problem that still allows them to play sports, but requires treatment, their pediatrician might recommend they take certain medications or supplements, or use an inhaler during sports training as needed.

Bright Futures Pediatrics specialists personalize any necessary treatment to ensure your child stays safe and healthy during sports activities. If your child requires an extra asthma inhaler or other medication to have on hand with the team’s trainer during practice or games, your pediatrician can provide a prescription.

Is paperwork required for a sports physical? 

Yes. Typically your school or organization provides the required forms for you to bring along to the doctor’s office.

After a sports physical at Bright Futures Pediatrics, your child’s provider lets you know if they’re healthy enough to begin sports training and play in games. Then they sign off on any paperwork your child’s team or school requires.

The next time your child is due for a sports physical, you can trust the highly skilled Bright Futures Pediatrics team to do their exam. Book a sports physical over the phone at the office nearest you or use the online scheduler today.